Another new drop! Sean Davey Collection

We’ve teamed up with legendary photographer Sean Davey for these limited edition art pieces!

"Every great image starts with the light and it goes from there ... The aim for me is to get highly evoking images, with a lean towards the different"

With more than one hundred and forty magazine covers to his credit, Sean is one of the world's most innovative and creative surf photographers. He has seen (and shot) places we only dream about!

Originally from the island of Tasmania, Australia, Sean moved to the North Shore over a decade ago.

These boardshorts represent a “lifetime obsession with shadows and silhouettes.” Anyone can see the beauty of the seven mile miracle, but capturing that in one frame to make an iconic image of it, that’s unique. Just like these shorts.


These shorts are the first of THREE, with the other two dropping in Summer 2015. Grab these now so you can collect all three!