NASE x NoRep. Leaving our mark in Argentina


NASE began his life as a street artist in the bustling, neon littered, sex and drug filled streets of Amsterdam. One or more of those factors could be what led to his current creativity and use of obscure color combinations, but we're not going to make any assumptions because assuming makes an...... you know the rest. His life has led him to residing in Argentina where he continues to spread and share his colorful creativity somewhat anonymously and for free. When NoRep was in its very beginning stages as just a wee little idea, those of us involved all agreed that art was important to our identity and the message we wanted to convey. Street art stood out as an overwhelming favorite among us all as it is an illegal expression of ideas and creativity. Not that were trying to do anything illegal... yet. Anyway! Fortunately the illegality of graffiti, street art, tagging or whatever you wanna call it, hasn't brought an end to the ever growing and currently massive culture of street artists. 

    When NASE was approached by NoRep to do some artwork for us, he was more than stoked to help shape the identity of our brand with his own style. His NoRep mural in Buenos Aires, Argentina stands as a huge landmark for our brand as it is our first physical image available to the public, our first advertisement of sorts. Hopefully it wont get painted over any time soon.
    Fortunately we have almost a time lapse of the creation of this mural on our Facebook page. Check it out here.

<3 NoRep

Photo Credit: Sebastian Garat,