JVH x NoRep. Working with an icon

    Chances are, that if youre visiting this page and reading this article, you are someone involved with the surf culture. But, if you are not really into the whole surfing thing, chances are you probably have still seen "The Endless Summer" or at least heard of it. As most of you should know, summer happens at different times in different areas of the world, for example, its just about summer here on the West coast of the USA while Australia is just entering its first week of winter, I dont have time to explain, just believe it. Back to the point, "The Endless Summer" is a film by Bruce Brown that follows two surfers, Mike Hynson and Robert August, on a surf trip around the globe. They visited numerous now-famous surf areas to explore the areas and introduce the sport of Surfing to the locals. The title of the movie came from the idea that if one had the money and time, it would be possible to follow summer around the world, creating an endless summer.

    While "The Endless Summer" was a very successful movie in itself, the thing that comes to mind when most people think of the movie, is the poster........ Im sure you've seen it.

Yeah.... That one. This image is arguably one of the most iconic images related to the surfing culture. And the creator is John Van Hamersveld(JVH). JVH Has been a graphic designer and pop artist for the better part of 50 years. In the 60's he was creating pop art album covers for bands such as The Beatles, Jefferson Airplane, Kiss, The Grateful Dead, and The Rolling Stones. His style is one in its own but if I had to compare it to other artists I...... I can't really, you might be able to but, I can't and I wont. Anyway, the man is a legend and a character, and at 71 years old he's still kicking it and making some kick ass art. JVH is another artist we approached to join in on our movement, and he was also stoked to help create part of our identity. His simple and clean design is just that, simple and clean conveying the message of just "Surf." Why complicate thing? Just live a happy life and surf. Thank you John, for being apart of the NoRep team!

<3 NoRep

Check out John's current and past work at http://www.johnvanhamersveld.com/