Free Surf x NoRep

 You have already heard the news of our boardies being available for pre-order but we like to leave you satisfied, so heres some more good news; NoRep has published its first magazine ad and it comes with a free 4" sticker. Free Surf is a magazine published and distributed in Hawaii and SoCal, so if you're in either of those areas, stop by your local surf shop or grocery store or wherever Free Surf is distributed near you and pick up this month's issue and help us #OccupyBeaches. If you're not in Hawaii or SoCal and you want stickers, we have plenty that you can order soon, or maybe you can sweet talk one of the Activists into sending you some for free. But fair warning, the Activist you choose may want something in return. 

 Check out Free Surf on Facebook and follow them on twitter @FreeSurf_mag