Remember the Occupy Wall street movement? Maybe you do whether its with fondness or anger and annoyance. No matter how you viewed the movement, you saw it and knew about it. They stood up for what they believed in and created a national movement and phenomenon. City based groups started popping up all over the nation and the movement successfully took grasp of the country. They were successful in spreading a message and that is notable and respectable. Time Magazine's person of the year in 2011 was 'the protester' due to the effectiveness of protesters and movements that happened around the world that year. Now its our turn to begin a movement, and we need your help.


#OCCUPYBEACHES is our first campaign. Activism is a cornerstone of NoRep and taking back the beaches - occupying them - starts today.   Beaches are one of the most incredible gifts mother nature gives us and NoRep strongly advocates keeping them open, free for real people and free from assholes. 

As a part of this campaign, we've dropped 10,000 die-cut stickers of the NoRep fist logo in Free Surf Magazine in Hawaii and SoCal. Get one today and place the sticker. Snap a photo. Enter the contest on our Facebook page.

It's up to YOU to take part in this activism by liking the pictures on Facebook. Like your favorites and on Wednesday, August 22 we will announce the top 3 winners based on number of Likes. Keep it classy, make it edgy, be artistic. 


First Place - $250 to spend in the NoRep online shop!

Second Place - $100 to spend in the NoRep online shop!

Third Place - Pick any one item in our shop - boardshort, tee, hat or shades!