NoRep x Slightly Stoopid

We've done it! We got our product on a musician, and a relevant one. Slightly Stoopid is a widely known band especially among the surf culture. They have been around and rocking out since 1995. Their roots are set in Ocean Beach, San Diego, among one of the largest surf cultures in the the United States. Their surf inspired music has placed them right along side Sublime as a premier surf band (if that's even a real term. pretend it is). Anyway, the sax player for Slightly Stoopid loved our JVH tee and he just had to have it then he agreed to sport it at their Album release concert/party in San Diego this last month..... Go us!!!

Hop on over to their webpage and check out the new album, buy it, and check the tour dates for a show near you.

<3 NoRep