How noRep Boardshorts was started

My name is Tomas Kloosterboer, I'm one of the founders of noRep Boardshorts, and here's the story and how this whole thing got started...


I had single handedly grown an American clothing brand in Argentina. They repaid my efforts by instead hiring a distributor who promised them bigger orders. If their goal was to make money, I let them sleep in their bed made of it. I realized that for the company I worked for, integrity meant nothing. And my 'forced resignation' was a blessing in disguise. I was ready to change the game and learned enough to jump into building my own thing…

Picked up the phone, called my friend Brian, with whom I worked in the past and in that very moment, noRep was being born.

The logo came to me during a bus ride, like a sort of revolutionary epiphany. Fight against stuff that I didn't agree with.

In Argentina we had a president named Peron (you may know him as Evita’s husband) and once he passed away, urban legend said his hands where cut off to open some accounts in Switzerland.

In a daze of creativity, noRep took shape as Peron backwards.

But what did it mean?

To me noRep meant no representatives, I don't believe in them, they don't represent me, at all. Along the way, I met some people with different understandings of the name, and I thought to myself, there’s no right or wrong, just that different people will understand it differently based on their life experiences and believes and that was the best part of it.

Moved to Hawaii with my wife and noRep was given birth, here I met friends that believed in what we are doing and joined us on our trip.

I’m truly thankful for how lucky I’ve been.


The cool thing about starting your own brand is that you can do pretty much whatever you want, so I figured, I would really like to work with people that mean something to me. Like Opie Ortiz, he made all the artwork for Sublime and sang at Long Beach Dub Allstars. Or John Van Hamersveld, who painted The Endless Summer movie poster and worked with The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Jimmy Hendrix, among others. 
We developed a great product with a great concept behind it; all of our shorts have a history, and our promise is to deliver excellent quality products that represent us and all we are proud of. Sick Colabs and boardshorts that were created with passion from the first sketch. 
We believe things can be done differently, and this is just the beginning of it!