Kainoa Haas

Kainoa Haas



 Why did you choose noRep? 

I chose noRep because of the great support and relationship I can build with them and the people behind the scenes are good people that aim to help the local professional/amateur surfing community. Plus the boardshorts are sick! Cool graphics and great quality. Describe the ocean to someone who cant see… It's this giant watery thing and it's wet all the time. 

Whats your understanding of noRep? 
They are a company that goes against the grain which I feel is a perfect match for me. They support many causes which all aim to help the community. Surfing or not. Also when it comes to their products it's always about top quality. They're always looking to improve. Thanks for keeping me rash free noRep! 


What’s the biggest challenge going for a surfing career? 
The biggest challenge for me is balancing work and surfing. If I don't work enough I have no money. If I don't surf enough I don't progress. I'm still trying to get it down. 

Most inspirational surfer of all times?
Can I pick three? Eric Haas, Wade Tokoro, Kelly Slater 

Empty Spot with OK wave or epic crowded spot? 
Empty spot. Which goes back to the self marketing thing. I should go to the epic spot. But I just want to have fun. 

Why did noRep choose you? 
Shouldn't I be asking that question? 

Best places surfing took you too? 
It's not the most exciting answer but the best place surfing took me to is where I am now. I feel like I've come a long way. Not just in surfing but in life as well. And surfing has been there for me through the bad and good keeping me sane the whole time. 

If you had to save one thing from a fire, what would it be? 
My mini companion, Rue. 

Who would you bring back: Joey Ramone, 2Pac or Freddy Mercury? 
Haven't we learned enough from zombie movies? I'd say let them rest in peace. Last thing we need is a trio of singing and rapping zombies.

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