"Maui" Zack Meyers

"Maui" Zack Meyers



Why did you choose noRep?

 I was attracted to what they represent and the mindset of the people who control noRep is positive.

Describe the ocean to someone who cant see… 

 Just imagine tons and tons of water that can move in a nice way and move in a very scary way bottom line its a mass amount of water that never stops moving or shifting

Whats your understanding of noRep? 

I know that they promote consciousness and awareness thru their apparel. And that noRep is a worldwide based company. 


What’s the biggest challenge going for a surfing career? 

 Thinking about it being a surfing career. Just focus on you growing as a surfer and what you need to do. Don't think career because thats when you start to take it to serious and you lose track of the most important thing which is happiness.


Most inspirational surfer of all times?
Its more than one.
 Hands down these guys will always inspire me till the end! You ready?
Kai Sallas, Duane Desoto, Lance Hookano, Dino Miranda, Bonga Perkins, Russ K, Ned Snow, Nelson Ahina, Kekoa Auwae, Keegan Edwards, Kapono Ahina


Empty Spot with OK wave or epic crowded spot?

empty spot with OK waves

Why did noRep choose you? 

Must have been my charming ways haha. Just kidding. I think we are both attracted to similar things in life and we both support similar things as well.

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