Evict Monsanto Collection

Knowing Drew is a trip. A mutual friend introduced us so we agreed to meet at Lanikai Juice in Haleiwa, he called and said “Am on my way, leather jacket on a bike, look like a bumb who’s on crack”. And he wasn't lying! 

We both sat down, Drew leaned back and said nothing. Just stared at me behind his shapie painted shades. Figured, OK, might be my time to talk! I told him a bit about noRep what drove us and what we wanted to do. The whole Monsanto movement came up and we laughed at how epic it’d be to do some shorts against them. The obvious question came up, “What if Monsanto sues us”. Thought about it for a second said, that’d be huge!! We both started cracking up!

Started hanging out with Drew a bunch after that, even took away his Ping Pong Title from 3rd Stone. At one point we both figured if we are gonna do this, we need to get more involved in it, not just jump on it because it’s trendy, so we met with Dustin Barca and offered to give some of the proceeds of the shorts to a non profit of his choice which is Ohana o Kauai.

The Protest Shorts is probably the collab I’m most proud of. It sums up everything noRep stands for, a big FU in the face of a major corporation who is all about profits and doesnt give a f#ck about people.

Also, I feel like the way we laid it out, like a big patch artwork was really punk rock.

Drew on the line: http://northshorecartoon.blogspot.com/