noRep x Farmer's Market Hawaii

Keoni is a living legend. A hustler, and a smart one. We figured a collab with Farmers Market Hawaii would be a good way to get our name out there. It didn't really take much to introduce ourselves to Keoni, just stopped by the shop and gave him 2 shorts for him to sample. Couple of weeks later a collab was on the way.

But how do we do something that blends both brands into 1?

Keoni came up with a sick idea, Painkillers, his artistic nickname, and how about a prescription medicine container? We decided to do 2 colorways, one for each of us. Farmer's Market Hawaii would sell the orange one, where each pill represented a colorway of a hat they released in the past and we did the rasta colorway.

Collab was a huge success, almost sold out immediately. Props to Keoni and will always be grateful for one sick pair of shorts, humble and smart, he’s gonna go far(ther).