noRep x Opie Ortiz

Working with Opie was a blessing; we don't think there’s been a most influential band to the surf music than Sublime, they've been there while we grew up and the man behind every single Sublime artwork is Opie Ortiz. Not only that, after Bradley passed away, Opie was one of the singers at Long Beach Dub Allstars. Legacy that was followed by bands like Slight Stoopid, Pepper, Expendables, just to name a few.

Opie is a gifted artist: he can sing, he can paint even do murals that you can see around LBC. We got together at the Tattoo shop where he works (For those of you that don't know, Opie made the Sublime Sun and the Sublime Tattoo on Bradleys back, that later became the 10 year anniversary album, he is even the guy on the opening of “Robin the Hood”).

Sitting down with Opie drinking some beers (only us, he doesn't drink!), talking about Sublime, Bradley, LBDA was just unreal! And became perfect when we got to do the shorts and shirts with his art.

The piece of art, that some day will be at noRep’s headquarters (we need to get a real HQ first), resembles the Sublime Sun big time. A true piece of art we are proud of!

Check out Opie’s art at: