noRep x Fisheye Hawaii Sandy Beach Collection

Sandys ShortsWe don't know if anyone has done something like this before. Michael Gurney of Fisheye Hawaii came up with the idea, “Lets do some shorts where we get all the photographers together.” It was perfect.

At noRep, we are all about connecting people - we believe things can be done so much better when done by a group or community. We started “inviting” photographers to join and have their photography featured - all they needed to submit the photo they liked the best of Sandys.

We played with the designs a for a bit and figured the best way to credit the guys without it looking weird would be if we did it as polaroid shots. The background of the shorts is an out of focus lava rock shot from Sandys.

Props to the artists on these shorts:

Cole Yamane - Gregg Daniels - Harry Antipala - Jake Niiro - Jaron Chong - Jeff Walthall - Joe Denton - Jordan Stallard -Josh Young - JT Gray - Kale Hughes - Keoki Saguibo - Kyle Wright - Lincoln DeVincent - Mark Kawasaki - Matt Heirakuji - Matt Tonokawa   Maya Hanzawa- Nick Maier - Robert Willis - Shane Grace - Troy Vore Ho - Yusuke Kobayashi - Zack Dougan.