noRep x Sean Davey Collection

This collection's first piece is now available, with more two more styles dropping in Summer 2015.

What a character! Born in Tasmania, Australia, Sean now lives in the North Shore and he has shot them all. Met him through a mutual friend who said, "He is the easiest person to work with" (He obviously wasn't talking about his accent, cause you can't understand shit what he is sayin! haha). We met him at an art show at 3rd Stone and told him a bit about the shorts we were working on. He said he’d love to see his art on some boardshorts. A week after that we were working on the design. But Sean didn't want just one pair of boardshorts! So we did THREE!

At one point, we were on the phone talking about the shorts, and how we make them work, and it was so hard for me to understand what he was saying that I had to tell him, hey, let’s grab a coffee tomorrow! Figured it’d be a bit easier to understand him face to face. So had to drive all the way to Haleiwa just to be able to communicate! Overall it was SO worth it! The first pair of shorts are sick, you'll really want all 3 though!!

Check Sean’s art at: