Activist - Adam Tormollan

Adam, aka Stretch Photos can be found on Instagram @stretch922 and we've got some of his favorite shots below!

What’s your hometown?
Toms River, NJ

What’s your understanding of noRep?
I see noRep as a company building from the people, not using Corporate Names or Famous Names to make their name

What are your goal/dreams?
My dream is to Travel to different places and enjoy life while not only capturing my view of things, but helping as many people as I can along the way to

What does Activism mean to you?
It means taking a stand against things that you feel encroach upon the beliefs and ideals that you have and taking the time to stand up for the things you want to see happen for yourself, those around you, and those who may not have a voice that is being heard.

What's the one thing you'd like to shoot?
I would love to shoot the ocean as it is naturally in a variety of different places to show the differences in the wildlife, the water, the underwater make-up, and use those photos to help organizations like Surfrider, Surfaid, and all the others promote awareness and saving our largest natural resource. If I could find a way to shoot photography all over the world, and to do so as a representative for change, for awareness, and for saving what we have left for future generations, I would be a happy person. Especially if my wife was there to share in the journey.

Have you got any hidden gems? Any photo your are most proud of?
Absolutely. I have a handful. And some of from the charity events with Mauli Ola, Surfers Healing, and others when you catch the genuine happiness on the people's faces. Some are things others will never see, such as a random explosion of a wave, an Osprey emerging at sunrise from it's Nest, or my Nephew's first picture since I got to take it. The ones that you can capture in a way no one else would see it, or that no one else was there to share with you, but that viewing that photo triggers emotion in them, those are the best.

Why surfing?
I grew up Surfing. My father has been a lifeguard for over 50 years. We all grew up in the sand and water. I was on a board by 5 years old, and nothing brings me peace like the ocean. It is the one place I can be completely at ease and can let the stress of every day life, work, and everything else go. It is me and the water with nothing to ruin it. Even if I am with 10 friends, out there you can be at peace and feel like you are alone at any time. Dive under, close your eyes, and there is no light or sound. And the thrill of riding waves is unmatched by anything. It is one of the reasons I love to shoot pictures of the ocean and surfing so much. It is the reason I shoot from the beach with Nikon DSLRs, from the Water with Nikon DSLRs and Aquatech Housings, or with GoPros, and it is the Reason I shoot Aerial Footage of the ocean and the beach. So even those that are not there can see the real beauty of it.

How old are you?
I am 35 Years Old

What's that one thing that inspires you?
I know the right answer for most is my family, or my wife, and both are great sources of inspiration to me. But, the possibilities of nature, of what it can do are amazing. So my inspiration comes not only from the people, but from the journey itself, and the things I learn along the way.

What pays the bills?
My career. I work with Police, Fire, EMS, and other agencies to develop and build IT Solutions to keep them safe and make their time at work easier and more efficient. Although it is a good job, it is a job. I would love to say I paid all my bills through Photography

Aspirational question - how would you make this a better place?
Through Education. We are so focused on testing and placement of kids that we focus on Subjects such as English and Math. Now all of those types of things are crucial, and I thank my parents for pushing me so hard to do as well as I did, but we need to educate them on the things that will change their daily life. Working to save resources, to expand their horizons outside their comfort zone, and to try and do something that will help even one person. Study hard and get good grades, but be your own person and follow the path you feel is yours.

If you could surf anywhere in the world, where would you go?
There are a million places I would love to go, and so many different places to find hidden gems and unsurfed waves. For me, it would be a trip through a bunch of these places with my wife, seeing why each one is so special. I love Kauai, and I would go to Tahiti, Bali, Indo, New Zealand, and anywhere that can show me something new.

How do u see yourself in 10 years?
My goal would be to be a Full Time Photographer that gets to see new places and share how I see them with others through my photos and videos.

What's the 1st thought when you wake up in the morning - Today I Shoot, Surf or ???
I pack for both, and try to do both. Surfing has been there longer, but both allow me to express myself in my own way, and both make me happy. It is sometimes hard to pick one over the other.