Activist - Cole Gonia

 What’s your understanding of noRep?

noRep is a great company that is interested in helping charities and entrepreneurs any way possible. noRep sponsors some great events and donates part to charity, which is something I really respect. noRep is using surfing as a platform to help others which is amazing.

How old are you?

I am 16 years old and I live in Ohio.

Why surfing???

Why Surfing you ask??? I went to California on a family vacation when I was nine, took surfing lessons and told my parents I was moving to California when I graduated from high school. I have never looked back. Surfing made me realize how much I love the ocean, and I instantly got the bug. Now I travel to Florida and Cali about 4-5 times per year, just waiting until I can move to Cali permanently.

What does Activism mean to you?
Activism means standing up for something you believe in, even if it isn’t always the most popular choice.  I definitely create “waves” and make sure my opinion is heard.

If you could surf anywhere in the world, where would you go? If you could have your art hung anywhere in the world, where would it be?
If I could surf anywhere in the world I would surf Peahi - Jaws. I love surfing the biggest waves I can get and Jaws is on my bucket list. As for my art, I would love it to be displayed in Tavarua, Fiji, since all the professional surfers get there. I would like them to see my work and enjoy it. I create art for others to enjoy as much as I do.

What pays the bills?

Currently, lucky for me, my parents still pay most of my bills. I do pay for most of my travel with the art I sell. I am hoping to make a career with my art in the future.

What's that one thing that inspires you?  Where do you want your art to take you? 

The main thing that inspires me is the ocean. The pure power and bliss of the water is what I feel when I am surfing or painting. It is the best feeling in the world. I strive to show that admiration for the ocean in every one of my drawings. I try to remember that feeling everyday, no matter where I am. I hope someday my art will allow me to live near the beach so I can see the ocean every day and continue to do what I love, surf and paint. Hopefully, then, I can be an inspiration to other artists like Drew Brophy has been to me.


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