Activist - Daylin Pelletier

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What’s your hometown?
I'm born and raised on the island of Guam. I've always been around the beach and ocean.

What’s your understanding of noRep?
Surf, Art, Activism. I love it. The company's mission to me means that if big or small, we can work together to make a difference in what we care about.

What are your goal/dreams?
I'd like to travel the world and take shots that people can look at and go on a brief, mental escape. Evoking emotion through photos is what I aspire to do and each day I try to get better and better.

What does Activism mean to you?
Activism to me isn't about being radical or physical, rather holding true to your beliefs and setting an example for others to see and hopefully follow.

Why surfing?
Surfers and Watermen have a connection with the ocean, it's hard to explain it to someone that hasn't been born and raised around the ocean. But life's just better when you're in the water, surf crashing, and nothing but blue around you.

What's that one thing that inspires you?
I have a lot of respect for the photographers before me. Photos of nature that take you to that place and in that moment. Photos that evoke emotion are my favorite, especially ones that make you wish you were in the surf, underwater. Role models: Zak Noyle, Ray Collins & Brent Beilmann.

Aspirational question - how would you make this a better place?
Everyone should do their part to keep beaches and oceans clean. If you ever go to beach for a BBQ or hike to an amazing spot, make it your job to not only pick up your trash but also pick up what others may have left behind. Keep the beauty alive.

How do u see yourself in 10 years?
Traveling the world taking awesome shots of surf, surfers, underwater, beautiful landscapes, or musicians.