Activist - Duran Capps-Doll

1. What’s your understanding of noRep?
No rep, no representatives, no repp ing a place or fad or anything. Keeping humble, keep factual rep for your self. Like in court, without a lawyer. Raw. Original. First time things. Riding in time. No plans, no outlook, no rep. No pressure. No problem.
2. Why surfing?
Most pure sport out there, most connection with the element. Your completely submerged in the element. You move with the element. React off the element. Its humbling not being in control and working in tune with the element. Unlike other sports its more frictional on top or your changing the surface provided. Where surfing its a cooperative merge of the two. Also its a moving entity to catch that movement and move with it, nothing compares. Its a time warp in the ocean a time travel specially in the barrel of a wave. Also the connection to the past to have the vision or idea of the history of the sport dating back to ancient times. Its timeless and having that vision in mind is another connection to the old world and its philosophies. To be a balance in this new world hustle. 
3. Activism means..
Being active, being aware, being hyped, being on the streets, being knowledgeable of the past present and future for learning purposes understanding purposes and activism purposes, to make wrongs right and to make the earth or our communities better places it starts with an individual. A little bit of Aloha goes a long way.
4. If you could surf anywhere in the world, where would you go? If you could have your art hung anywhere in the world, where would it be? 
If i could surf anywhere in the world right now, it would be somewhere along the shores in hawaii. Its perfect. If not here, than anywhere else in the world would be different and just as much of a fun time as anywhere else. As for my art, I would like it to be hung, in parts of europe, italy, france, japan, australia, newyork, la, and of course here at home in galleries around the island and in friends homes, makes me feel good. 
5. What pays the bills?
As for now, surfing lessons pay the bills, and one day, maybe it would be nice to make a living off of creating visual ideas and feelings. 
6. How can I get your art on my wall?
How can you get my art on your wall? Contact me at on Facebook @Duran Capps-Doll or on Tumblr the meek will survive