Activist - Jaro Cabla

Jaro has a few different places to check out his photography portfolio: 
Instagram: @photosbyjaro
Facebook: Jaro Ocean Photography
Web site:

Whats your hometown?
I grew up in a city named Prague, which is located in Czech Republic. After turning 5, I moved to Hawaii with my family to study the english language and then moved here after a few years, realizing that we live in paradise.

What are your goals/dreams?
My goals and dreams are to one day become a successful surf photographer like Zak Noyle, and to live a happy life on the North Shore with my family and friends.

Whats the one thing that inspires you?
The one thing that inspires me is everybody else's work because its very easy to see art from all over the world in the technological age we live in today. Some of my biggest inspirational photographers are Zak Noyle, Brent Bielmann, and Ray Collins who inspire me to think creatively in many of my photos.

How do you see yourself in 10 years?
I see myself living in paradise on the North Shore of Oahu. I would wake up to perfect waves and surf, shoot, and swim around in what seems to be a dream. I would then go to live off in the tropical paradise drinking coconut water, having an acai bowl, and enjoying my friends and family.

What does Activism mean to you? 
Being in Activist means to represent a company in a variety of ways to spread the word. I would embody the company's appearance, values and ethics using many photos to bring the brand to life.

Why surfing?
Many people around the world just think of surfing as something to do as a hobby or whenever your bored, but for surfers, it is a whole new kind of lifestyle. The surfing community brings many people together and they go out of their way to make everything more environmentally friendly because they believe that you couldn't live without the surf. Its our ocean, so people should treat it with respect. Surfer's have a very deep connection with the ocean because it keeps us happy. Surfing is like an addiction, once you get hooked, there is no looking back.

Here are a few of our favorite shots from Jaro: