Activist - Landon Hayashi

Hi, my name is Landon Hayashi. I am a 14 year old ocean photographer. I go to Mid-Pacific Institute and am in the 9th grade. I've always had a passion for the ocean and its beauty. I always wanted to remember a moment, so why not capture it! I hope all the photos you see of mine give you the same feeling that I feel while taking that photo! Thank you! 

Why did you choose noRep?
I chose noRep because I love the art and creativity that is on their board shorts. I think this company is very unique and I love unique things and something out of the ordinary. 

When did you realize you wanted to be a water photographer?
I noticed that I wanted to be a water photographer at about the age of 11. I started off going to Sandy beach with my go pro and all my friends shooting small shorebreak. Soon after that I started to love it and I started to go in bigger and bigger waves. I started to get into surfing and wanted to also capture all the surfers. Now, I do both shorebreak and surf photography.

Any heavy wipeouts?
I have been in some scary situations before, sometimes life threatening. Shooting on the south shore of oahu during the summer time is no so bad, but durning the winter on the north shore of Oahu is where it's at! Getting stuck on the inside at pipe is not so fun at all considering it is very shallow! I've gotten stuck a lot at pipe and it is very scary, nothing to mess around with. Whenever I go out to shoot reef breaks or surfers I always wear a helmet, but in shorebreak I don't.

Favorite surfer to shoot? Spot? 
Well my favorite surfers to shoot are Seth Moniz and Diego Ferri. I usually see both of them at Kewalos ripping! It is always a treat to see Seth out doing the biggest punts and to capture that moment is so awesome! Diego Ferri on the other hand, 10 years old and just ripping! He always had a smile on his face giving a good vibe to everyone around him. He is someone to watch out for.

What is your understanding of noRep?
My understanding of noRep is a company beyond only being a clothing line, it is a company also looking out for the environment and nature. It is something creative and different.

Say you got a plane ticket to go anywhere to shoot. Where is it going to be?
If I was given a plane ticket to fly anywhere to shoot, I would pick to go to Tahiti with all the surfers I like to shoot! I would choose Tahiti because it has crystal clear waters with all different types of animals. Most importantly it has the heaviest clear water slabs! 

When you're not shooting, what do you do?
When I'm not shooting, I usually surf or skate. I love to do it all. Also since I'm going to school I have to always do my homework after school, so the weekends are my only open days to do stuff usually. 

What would you bring to a deserted island?
To a deserted island, I would bring a lot of food and a lot of surfboards. 

What's playing on your iPod (phone??) right now?
What's playing on my iPod right now is Shake the Shackles by Crystal Stitls. 

Biggest fear?
My biggest fear is getting lipped on the head at pipe.

Is there a photo you're most proud of?
There is no one photo I am most proud of, every photo to me has its own story.

Any other skills we should know about?
Other skills I have is skating and surfing.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
I see myself in 10 years working for surfer or surfing magazine as a photographer.

I want a photo shoot! How do I get a hold of you??
You can request a photoshoot at anytime just text me at 808-499-5596 or email me at