Activist - Ryan Burden

Check out Ryan's current project, Coconut Information.

1. What’s your understanding of noRep?
noRep is badass local biz, which supports causes I’m very passionate about. Your name is ironic, cause noRep is one of the few brands I DO want to rep. The world is filled with so much corporatism and globalism. Everything is made is factories far away, without virtue or integrity but noRep is a local, Hawaiian brand, you guys have values & heart (not to mention your shorts are super freakin comfy :)

2. Why surfing?
Gosh, don’t know what i’d do without surfing, The ocean is the ultimate recharger. No matter how tough the day was… when u come out of the ocean, you’re ready for more. It gives me the strength & peace to keep up the good fight

3. What does Activism mean to you?
1st and foremost it means BE THE CHANGE. Anyone can shout down Monsanto, but if they’re eating GMO’s… then whats the point? So eating (& planting) ulu’s, coconuts, taro, bananas are my fav forms of “activism." You gotta live it first

4. Aspirational question - How would you make this a better place?
I’d give the power back to the people

5. Why Organic?
Because I don’t want to be poisoned I mean, would you ever drink a cup of roundup? When people spray poison onto the land, it runs into the ocean, into the fish we eat into the aquifers (aka our drinking water), it evaporates into the air, which we breathe. One way or another it all ends up in us! So there’s no choice really, chemical based agriculture is suicidal. I love life, so I’m opting out

6. What pays the bills?  

LOL, not much. I climb coconut trees, make & sell coconut milk at farmers markets. Do garden consultations, make videos and websites.

7. Tell us about your projects, how can people help?
I’m working on a new short film “Only Coconuts can save us now” Spreading awareness about the Maui GMO Moratorium. People can help by getting educated and by eating locally. Don’t support me, go visit your local farmers market & support them. Cause the local farmers are the real heroes in this fight!