Our Activist program looks for individuals who do things better than the rest. Artists, photographers, shapers, musicians… incredibly talented people who we believe in and will benefit from a platform to get their word out there. 

To learn about the benefits of being a noRep Activist and how to become a noRep Activist click here.


John G Surfboards

Ryan Burden

Jake Niiro

Landon Hayashi
Landon Hayashi noRep Activist

Zachary Infante

Ryker Moriwaki

Dante Park

Kekoa Kau

Sash Fitzsimmons

Mark Liberato

Jessica Lee Aquino
Ned Ritchie

Joe Arndt

Logan Bates
Kelson Wessel
Mac Carter
Jaro Cabla
Kalen Ono
Duke Kenney
Daylin Pelletier
Conor Baldwin