Become a noRep Activist

Congrats! This is not a public page. If we sent you here, then you're really close to being an activist. Just read through the stuff below and if you like what you see, follow the link at the bottom of the page. You'll be all set! 

Who are activists?

Activists are bold individuals. Activists define the soul of a culture. Activists take big ideas and distill them down to action for the masses. 

Our activists are fitting examples of people determined to affect change: country by country, city by city and group of friends by group of friends. Our Activist program looks for individuals who do things better than the rest. Sometimes they're famous, sometimes not. They're streetwise, humble and can rally for our cause.

What does that mean?

You represent yourself. You do what you're great at. You represent our values and attitude: they're one in the same.

What do activists do?

Keep doing what you're great at. Talk about being an activist for noRep. Tell your friends, followers and family what it means, what noRep is and what we do. 

Then what?

If they like what you're saying, give them your activist code and they can get a big discount on noRep gear! You'll get 2 codes, one giving a 50% discount and one giving a 25% discount to our site and a 25% bonus to you. Both codes give free shipping. The codes are unique to you and meant to be shared!

Wait, what? I can make money as an activist?

Oh yeah! When you give someone the 50% discount code, they'll get a huge discount but you won't make anything on it. If you give someone the 25% code, they'll still get an awesome discount and you'll also get 25% of whatever they buy. 

Help me with the math.

Easy, say your name is Kekai and you gave a friend your Kekai25 activist code. They buy a pair of boardshorts for $60, and enter this code when they are checking out. They'll see a $15 discount (25% of $60) and you'll get a paypal payment for $15 (again, 25% of what he bought). If your friends buy lots of stuff, you'll get more money! 

When and how do I get paid? 

At the end of every month by paypal. If you don't have a paypal account, you'll need one. 

What's the catch?

Nothing. Seriously, there isn't one.


What do you think? Ready?