Sandy Beach Collection Boardshorts - Limited release in July 2014

We got a great response from everyone since we sent out the first email to over 30 photographers! Glad we got you as stoked as we are about these boardshorts! The shorts are going to be one of kind and limited! We are excited to be able to share your artwork to the world and blessed to have such a great community of photographers in the water.
Here is a little more about our next steps: 
We are limited to choosing 20 photos from 20 different artist since our canvas is only so big! We'll be keeping 5 "Wild Cards" spots for those photographers that has been with us from the very beginning.
Once we have gone through the process of sorting all the images we are receiving for these shorts we will rank each photographer based off of Instagram/social media reach and the photos that look best on the boardshorts. Each chosen photographer will receive their own free pair of boardshorts in exchange for 5 Instagram posts. We also will be providing the selected participant with a discount code specific to their Instagram tag to share that offers $10 off the shorts to anyone that uses your code. Each of the five posts that you share (no specific time) can be of anything you want about the boardshorts but include your unique discount code and tag @fisheyehawaii, @noRepboardshorts, #sandybeachcollection, #fisheyehawaii and #noRepboardshorts. 
For those who have multiple accounts we would like to have at least 2 posted on each one. Once you’ve posted the 5 Instagrams we will mail your shorts to you when it is done in production (late July). 

Mahalo Nui to everyone that is apart of this! We look forward to see how these turn out.


Fisheye Hawaii and noRep Boardshorts