Team - Cole Yamakawa

1. What’s your understanding of noRep?

My understanding of noRep is a brand based off of the foundation from what we all love to do. It's not particular to what sport your in, or even if you aren't in a sport. It's a brand that supports the act of doing your passion.

2.Why surfing???

Not sure how I came to pick up a surfboard but I'm glad I did. I enjoy all aspects of surfing, whether it's by myself after work/school, with all my friends on the weekend, or throwing on a jersey and paddling over someone's back

3. Why did u make it to the team??

Stoked to be apart of this team! Not quite sure how I was chosen, but hopefully it's because I know how to stand up on a surfboard (haha) 

4. If you could surf anywhere in the world, where would you go?

I'd love to go on a boat trip to the Mentawais. Friends, barrels, fish... what more could you ask for?!

5. What pays the bills?

The bills definitely don't pay themselves. Currently working at Heijouen Yakiniku come stop by, good tips are appreciated (haha). Also got a summer job going at Kamehameha. Other than that, wouldn't be here with out M & D! 

6. 2 Jobs, Full time student? Surf when can... any time left for girls?

No matter how busy I am, I can always find time for them. Problem is they don't have time for me! (haha)


Check out these edits and pics of Cole below!  


Cole Yamakawa from Gen Asano on Vimeo

Video Edit: Gen Asano // Surfboard: Asano Shapes @genasano



PC: Joe Foster

PC: Joe Foster

PC: Cole Yamane