Team - Love Hodel

Why did you choose noRep?
We met during the noRep events in town and I really like Tomas's (owner) energy. We seem to mesh well while communicating which is great for all aspects of your life, plus the shorts are the BEST fit I've ever had. Now that noRep is doing these incredible collaborations with artists it just makes the brand so much more enjoyable!

What would be your advice to the up and coming surfers?
Respect others around you and help the less fortunate get a wave, don't be greedy but also make sure you get what you deserve in the water. Visualize, practice and that order

Worst wipeout?
At pipeline, going right on a 10 foot wave I got slammed on the reef and broke my back. Didn't surf for 8 months

Whats your undestanding of noRep?
That they support local surfers and want to get quality product out to all. noRep wants to stick out ahead of other brands by their signature style. Also putting together surfing events that keep athletes here in Hawaii on they're game, bring the community together and have fun!

What’s the biggest challenge being on tour?
Eating healthy and finding good travel companions, not to mention surfing really crappy waves

Favorite surfer of all times?
Tom curren and Michael Ho

Why did noRep choose you?
Mutual good vibes and helping noRep get the brands name out to the public

What’s the best thing u got from surfing?
Cultural experiences and gaining new friends, learning to adapt while out of my element as well. Also learned a lot about respecting your elders and sharing the stoke

If you had to save one thing from a fire, what would it be?

Joey Ramone, 2Pac or Miley Cyrus?