Team - NASE

NASE does some legit street art.

NASE has been involved in the European graffiti movement since 1997. 

Born in Amsterdam and graduated as a graphic and multimedia designer, NASE has been a very active underground artists in his country.

His graphic style was quickly identified because of the use of loose and relaxed types, and non conventional color combinations. His personal signature lead him to paint around the world, discover some amazing places and meet lots of great artists and people.

His bright and colorful murals lead his underground work to become more popular, even taking part in advertising campaigns for big brands such as Philips, Nike, Samsung as well as performing on festivals and developing social projects.

NASE is now settled in Buenos Aires, where he opened one of the first professional Street Art Studios of Argentina, Collage Lab, and he continues to paint everything he can. 

Check out our photo album of the mural NASE made for NoRep.