Team - Nelson Ahina

My understanding of noRep is a progressing game changer for all surfers. Showing people that it doesn't matter what you ride as long as your in the water having fun.
I've been surfing for 15 years and cant get enough of it. I'm not sure why I was picked on the team but I feel very honored to be apart of this team because I feel like I can show and prove respect to people that are open to learning it. Being that noRep is a symbol of that, I am very glad to be a noRep team rider..
I believe activism and activist are people that deliver sincere support for what they truly believe in. 
If I could surf anywhere in the world it would be New Zealand. I am very interested in the culture, more so the perfect waves and uncrowded surf spots that run along the coast.
Bills Bills Bills.. the support I get for my bills mainly come from my surf events. Its a good push that you need in a heat not only to win but to pay off bills. It also comes with a lot of pressure that you learn to control.

Growing up in Kalihi is like growing up anywhere else. Best thing to do is make friends with everyone and anyone. Show people who you are and how you are. Kalihi was very intimidating at first but once you see the first smile in someone you know theres more. My goals for surfing is to become the youngest World Longboarding Champion. So far I have tried twice and Ive gotten equal third. The second year I got equal fifth and I will be going back in november to try and claim my goal. I wont surfing to take me to teaching young athletes to become world class surfers.


Nelson at the 2014 Hawaii Surfing Championship at Kewalos: