Team - Noa Bryan

1.What’s your understanding of noRep?
  • noRep is a Hawaii based company attempting to spread the images of its brand to a wide audience and make their very versatile and comfortable boardshorts available to the world
2.How long have you been surfing? 
  • I started surfing at a young age when I lived on Molokai. After a very heavy experience in the water when I was 12, I stepped away from the water for years. In the beginning of Middle School I started going to Sandy Beach. I observed how easily Bodyboarders could get barrels in the Shorebreak, and saw the versatility of the bodyboard with others that supported the Dropknee stance and even stood up like a surfer on a bodyboard. It was at this point I decided I wanted to return to the ocean, on a Bodyboard.
  • My Homebreak is a wave which name I will not make public on my home island of Molokai. On Oahu I consider my Homebreak to be Kaiser Bowls on the South Shore of Oahu.
4.Who supports you? 
  • My friends in both Hawaii and California support me. All the boys back home keep me super amped, and always send me positive energy when I am at school in California. My new wave riding friends I have become so fortunate to be acquainted with in Southern California also keep me on my toes and very motivated. In particular, a Hawaii boy, amazing photographer, best friend, and old schoolmate Cole Yamane supports me the most. He is hard on me most of the time trying to make me execute things in the water more properly. All the boys I surf with in California are also motivating, as we don't always have swell on tap like back home in Hawaii, when the swell comes to SoCal, they are ready to go. Its also nice to come home and see all my boys I grew up with. Both places are very exciting if you are surrounded by the right people! 
5.Favorite pair of noRep boardies?
  • The noRep x Farmer's Market weed pill shorts
6.Town or country? 
  • Country holds hidden gems that are so good you can't event believe how hard you are scoring with absolutely no one out. Its hard to say though because town is where I feel most at home. It just depends on the time of year!
7.Shortboard or longboard and why? 
  • Bodyboard. Its the most versatile form of waveriding I have ever seen. You can take on the heaviest shore-break, or the biggest ramps laying down. Flying in the air and traveling through heavy barrels is one of my favorite things to do. But throwing tail and doing turns and 360 snaps Dropknee feels amazing too. Through bodyboarding I can have the best of both worlds. I am ready for any situation with my board. 
8.Dream surf destination?  
  • I really want to go to the Canary Islands, and surf El Fronton. Its and almost dry reef skate park. Its the kind of wave where it looks like you could get the barrel or ramp of your life. Other than that, I have seen some crazy waves in Australia. But the best surf trip for me, I get to experience a few times a year, and that is going back to my home of Hawaii.  
9.Favorite IG account? 
  • In my opinion Jeff Hubbard @JDHUBB has the sickest instagram. Ive watched him my whole life, doing crazy backflips, air reverses, whatever you can imagine at Half Point sandy beach. He is my hero, and in my opinion, the best bodyboarder in the world. Jerrett Lau @Lau_z_foto also has some of the best shore-break pictures I have ever seen! 
10.What pays the bills?  
  • I have an on campus job at my school in California. Its a good office job and I am stoked on it. In addition to that, I host events in Souther California. I throw parties at my school and promote for one of the most prestigious club in in LA. This gives me all the money I need to drive to the beach and live dreams every day. 
11.Favorite surfing maneuver?  
  • I think my favorite maneuver is probably the backflip. To do one, you need a fast take off and critical bottom turn. The feeling I get right before I hit the lip is one of of such excitement. When you go from that split second of being on a wave, to being upside down in the air, looking at the ocean, shore, landscape, is amazing. Nothing makes me feel better (besides a giant barrel) than a huge backflip. It gets me so amped. (Check out the pics at the bottom!)
12.Perfect waves and crowded lineup or mediocre waves and uncrowded lineup? 
  • Hah. If the crowded lineup is filled with all the boys that are your friends, then a crowded lineup. Thankfully, where I live in California, there are a number of waves the locals have showed me that not many know about, so most of the time (when there is swell) we get to surf epic waves with 2 or 3 of the boys out. 
13.Surfing goals for 2014? 
  • I just want to refine my style and become cleaner in executing my maneuvers. Of course I want to charge bigger waves each year, but style is what people really look at now a days. 
14.Surfing crew?  
  • In California, its none other than the infamous 805 Ventura crew. These guys are from not only all over California, but from different regions of the world, and somehow we all ended up here. I am very fortunate to ride with them. Back home, when I am at the Homebreak, I have the Kaisers Crew to keep me motivated and always help me have a good and positive attitude. But when I am home, my surf crew is mainly my best friends. Bodyboarders, Shortboarders and Longboarders alike!
  • Anything! If its going to be heavy metal and heavy techno then that gets me in the zone. If I am at a party with friends house music and rap are nice. If its a chill day with friends, local island raggae bands is the call for me. My cousin is also a famous country music star haha, so I guess you could say I listen to everything.
  • David is actually my real name and Kaimanukainoa is my Hawaiian name, which we shorten to Noa because it is obviously easier to say.
17.Of all the places you have traveled to, what place in particular stands out? And why? 
  • Costa Rice was an amazing experience. Between the attitudes of the people, the waves and the local food, it was one of the best trips of my life!
18.Who/what inspires you?  
  • My friends inspire me more than anyone else. Seeing everyone progress, hearing advice and just hanging out with motivating people inspire me the most. Obviously my favorite bodyboarders, and even surfers inspire me more and more each day. I look at the crazy things I see them doing and I hope one day I can somewhat resemble the level of their professionalism. Living in Ventura, I get to see Dane Reynolds on almost a daily basis. To see such an insane wave-rider, so calm, collected and seemingly normal is very inspiring. Another person that continues to inspire me more and more each day is one of my best friends in California, Arec Colon-Aldeguer. He's a bodyboarder from the Westside of Oahu that moved to California to join the Navy in hopes of getting a college education and a solid career. Besides the fact our backgrounds are similar, being that we are Hawaii boys in California, Arec rips and is always impressive to watch. We always get to crack hawaiian jokes to each other so it helps us feel a little bit more at home even though we are so very far away from it. 
19.What are you most proud of? 
  • I am most proud of the fact that even though I am not of Hawaiian blood, I have strong roots in Hawaii. I also am very proud that I follow a culture of wave-riding that is somewhat off the beaten path, and that I am apart of the Dropknee movement.
20.What meaning does surfing hold for you? 
  • My life is very stressful, as I am taking 5 classes this semester, and I have both work in the office and in the club. So when I get to surf, good or bad waves, it makes me feel better about life. It makes me feel relaxed, it makes me feel like I am doing something right. It relieves my stress. As soon as I hit the water, nothing else matters. To me surfing/waveriding/bodyboarding is an escape.
21.What’s next for you? 
  • Whatever the future holds! The only thing I know for sure, is my life will always partly be in the Ocean, and that is what truly matters to me.